The Dominica Secondary Schools Supporters Association (DASSSA) is a UK registered charity (No.1076882) with roots established back in early 1990. Initially founded as a forum for the alumni of the Dominica Grammar School, it evolved into the Dominica Secondary Schools Association, and eventually into what it has become today-an Association for and of the Supporters of the Secondary Schools of Dominica.


Though the focus and primary objective has been the support of secondary education, the Association has on occasion over the years assisted with causes on the basis that they furthered the development of the Youth, be they at secondary school or elsewhere. DASSSA’s ability to pursue its objectives is due essentially to the generosity of like-minded individuals who share our Beliefs that Education is the ultimate gateway to the alleviation of poverty, while enabling individuals to grow and achieve their ambitions.


To finance its worthy causes, DASSSA has depended on such activities as its annual Sponsored Walk, Christmas Carol evening, Quiz night, the occasional Dinner and Dance and the kind donations from its supporters. Though small in terms of an active membership, DASSSA’s aim is to achieve a regular and recurring source of income to enable it to assist more of the deserving causes which it identifies.


The Association is particularly mindful of the difficulties faced by many of its beneficiaries and the scale of the challenge, but is motivated by the heartfelt response and appreciation of its support, however small, which the following comments embody:


“Your donation is very timely as we were still owing $10,000.00. Your contribution has put the icing on the cake as we only had $5,000.00 left on the bank account for the project. The conversion of your donation was a little over $5,000.00. Thanks a million and may God bless your Association abundantly”.


DASSSA is tremendously grateful to all its friends and supporters who have selflessly volunteered their time and resources over the years to enable it to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those less fortunate.



To be recognised as an invaluable support medium for the educational development of the youth of Dominica, with particular emphasis on their secondary education.


We provide financial and motivational support to secondary students who are committed to learning, but who are unduly challenged by their circumstances, and to centres of learning in need of aid.

……the Schools we finance, the Children we motivate and support, our Membership, and above all-our Patrons and Supporters