ALC aims to provide high-quality education and training while creating a nurturing and supportive community of learners in a stimulating learning environment. Our aim is to expose all our learners to the necessary training, skills and education programs that will allow them to make a meaningful contribution to society.

In 2016 DASSSA responded to the call for financial assistance from the Achievement Learning Centre (ALC) in Roseau, which is a privately funded school for children with learning disabilities, by donating. In 2016, we provided £1,000.00 to help defray some of the school’s outstanding running costs.  Since then It has been agreed that DASSSA will continue to provide funds for this worthwhile Cause.


The ALC is a specialist school committed to meeting the needs of children with autism, Down's syndrome, and other related disorders. This type of “educational care” is not extensively provided for under the state social welfare,  health or education departments. It is a fee-paying school but income falls short of expenditure because of the small number of pupils (12) and the inability of some parents to meet their commitments. 


Achievement Learning Centre is an education and training institution that specializes in Special Education Services, Academic Support, Vocational Training, Professional Training and Adult education Services. (Facebook)

3 Elliot Ave, Pottersville, Roseau, Dominica


Special Education Services, Computer Skills Training, Academic Support/Individual Tutoring, Homework Assistance, Reading Intervention, Adult Education Services, CXC
Summer Special Programs, Life Skills Training