Noel Dominique crackles

Sunday 11th December saw another crackling Noel Dominique come to an end at the Dominica High Commission in London.

With young children joining in the festive fun with some full hearted singing and well rehearsed poems, not to mention the colouring and painting. Jane Grell, our guest for the evening really turned up the heat and managed to get the usually sit down affair on it's feet.

Perhaps not as much was in attendance as was expecting due to severe delays on various tube lines, it meant for food and wine for those who managed to make it a fun evening.

This years fundraiser is being donated to the Achievement Learning Centre (ALC) in Dominica which is an independent and exclusive school for children with special needs and attention.

We would like to thank all who were able to attend and make contributions as your donations will go a very long way. Hope to see you in even greater numbers next year.

#NoelDominique #Xmas #ALC #JaneGrell

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