PM Skerrit urges students.."take advantage"

PM Skerrit urges students to take advantage of educational opportunities

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is challenging students on the island to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the government in schools in order to make themselves and the country proud.

Addressing the 18th Paix Bouche, Dos D’ane Village Council Inauguration on Tuesday, he said his government has invested over $35-million at the Dominica State College (DSC) to build one of the most modern state college facilities in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

“My challenge to you young people is, you must take advantage of these opportunities and make yourself and country proud,” he said. “Because the facts will show the efforts that are being manifested now are unprecedented. They were not the case before this government came into office, and we have to ensure we take advantage of this. Likewise those of you who attend the secondary schools, we provide similar arrangements and there is no reason why our children should not do well.”

Skerrit said doing well is a responsibility of the students, families and the school system.

“I should not be blamed, neither the minister should be blamed, if our children do not do well,” he argued. “I can say to you there were recommendations before to close this Dos D’ane Primary School and the Thibaud Primary School, and I said to the World Bank, who was pushing this and in some cases the staff of the Ministry of Education, I said, as long as I am Prime Minister of Dominica, no small school shall be closed because we understand as a party how important schools are for our community, but we must take advantage of the opportunities.”

Skerrit noted also that his government would like to see all students do well and to go out to study in order to come back and make a meaningful contribution to Dominica’s development.


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