Forty-one complete empowerment courses at DSC

The Dominica State College (DSC), through the newly implemented Division of General Studies, has culminated a series of short empowerment courses with 41 students successfully completing programs ranging from Basic Body Massages to Introduction to Management.

The short courses ran from June 6th to July 29th 2017.

The successful participants include; Naiomi Roman-Basic Massage; Ellen Isles-Basic Massage; Tawana Paris-Basic Massage; Nysia Jno Baptiste-Professional Development; David Thornhill-Professional Development; Kenneth Albert-Professional Development; Brexi Joseph-Customer Relationship Management; Josephine Titre-Customer Relationship Management and Bernadette Jno Baptiste-Introduction to Management.

Registrar of the College, Dr. Schuyler Esprit, is hopeful the knowledge that the student-participants acquired will renew their commitment to pursuing studies further than these empowerment courses.

“We hope you have benefitted from the learning experience as much as your facilitators and coordinator have felt the reward of working closely with you for these modules. What I hope will come out of this day of recognition is a renewed commitment to go even further with your education by enrolling for additional courses during our short course sessions,” she said.

She trusts that for those who have already had formal higher education, these short courses will reenergize their career development, and for those experiencing higher education for the first time, she hopes that the courses were an “excellent teaser” for them and that they find it very useful in their professional journey.

She encouraged the recipients to “lift as you climb” in that they must share the newly learnt skills with friends, family, and colleagues in order to help to build a better community for everyone.

“So lift as you climb, whether through knowledge sharing with your colleagues, motivating your friends and family to take another short course, or volunteering your time to help young people learn about what you have learnt here. Give back,” she remarked.

One of the participants, Naiomi Romain, who enrolled in the Basic Massage course, stated that the course was engaging and very informative and persons can now “envision a career” in the field of body massaging.

“Overall the course was informative and exciting. Those of us who came in with some knowledge can leave today better equipped and more confident to continue the utilization of skill, and for those of us who only knew exposure to the field, was due to having received the message, can now begin to envision a career in the field of massage therapy,” she remarked.

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