Stay calm, stay positive.

My fellow Dominicans, friends, families and supporters. We are all feeling the strain of "not knowing". While silence is often golden, it sometimes allows the vacuum to bed filled with great fear and trepidation.

We are urging all, to remain calm, positive and patient as we await news of our loved ones. 

There are far too many images, messages and opinions about what has may or may not have unfolded. 

We simply do not know. Rest assured we will make announcements when they have been or can be verified and are official. 

We do know:

There are eight confirmed fatalities.

A large portion of the housing stock is damaged. 

 There has been no contact from some towns and villages.

Cell networks are slowly coming on but need advised to make text messages, not calls. Keep in mind batteries may be dead and b there's no power. 

There's aid by boat and military planes may attempt to land today.

Please help us by donating and asking others to do likewise. We really need help like we've never done before. 

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