Noel Dominique 2017

It's is mid-December and Christmas is upon us. We kick off the celebration with DASSSA's Noel Dominique 2017. On Sunday 10th, the Dominica Secondary Schools Supporters Association (DASSSA) held its annual Christmas Carol singing event at the Dominica High Commission in London.

DASSSA is a UK based registered Charity dedicated to the provision, well-being and academic progress of Secondary School children in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Braving the cold and snow that had blanketed much of the UK, it would have been all too easy to cancel the event and stay warm indoors with a hot brew of your favourite cuppa. But our Dominican people and their friends are resilient to the core and determined in their single purpose and mission: “To help provide financial assistance in support of Dominica's youth”. The festive occasion included raffle prizes, food, wine, drink and of course carol singing with the accompanying rendition of silent night by three young adorable under 12's. The highlight of the evening witnessed all the children who attended taking part, further strengthening the purpose of what DASSSA is and stands for.

We appreciate the support from all who attended and as such this will enable us to continue with the financial assistance to the various causes we have adopted. Here mentioned are the latest requests received from the St Mary's Academy, the Achievement Learning centre appeal and our bursary program currently assisting students at the Grand Bay Secondary to name but a few. Once again, the support of our Acting High Commissioner, Ms Janet Charles and her staff who went out of their way to prepare a Christmas tree to add to the festive spirit, must not go unnoticed. Not only were we graced with the presence of the acting high commissioner at the event, we were also treated to a surprise drop-in visit from the honourable Francine Baron, Minister of Foreign Affairs who was passing through London. At our invitation, she took the opportunity to say a few words and she provided a brief update on the state of Dominica and of the efforts on the way to bring some form of normality to basic services and more. This was much appreciated by those in attendance.

We at DASSSA take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to our efforts on this occasion and during the year, and extend our best wishes for the coming season and the New Year.

Dominica's challenges require our continued support on its way to recovery, and we look forward to your continued participation in our fundraising and community activities in the years ahead.

DASSSA's Next event is the annual walk in May/June. For more information about our work please sign-up to our newsletter to be kept informed.

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