ALC student to write G6NA in 2019

The Achievement Learning Centre (ALC) has been told to commence preparations so that one of its students can write the Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA) next year.

The Achievement Learning Centre caters to children with disabilities and special educational needs.

It teaches them to function in the real world as well as the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

The school is located at Pottersville in Roseau and was founded by Beverly LeBlanc, who holds a master’s degree in special education.

“Arrangements can be made for him; somebody can sit with him, read for him, he tells the person his answers and the person can write for him,” Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Chandler Hyacinth said.

“We can prepare large print for him, if it’s Braille we have to use, get your JAWS software, get your computers, let him learn it and that can also be arranged for the students,” Mrs. Hyacinth added.

She informed that there are a lot of arrangements in place for special education needs students, especially with the Caribbean Examination Council and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development is committed to making arrangements for those students.

The Achievement Learning Centre has accepted the challenge and according to its founder, Beverly LeBlanc will commence preparations for the student.

“Our next student we want to attempt him to do the Common Entrance Examination is Joel, so get ready …we’re going to get you on,” Ms. LeBlanc said.

According to Ms. LeBlanc, one of the things about Achievement Learning Centre is that “we know where we want our students to end but because we know where they are, we give it to them step by step”.

“So every time they reach a milestone, we add something else, so we’re really thankful for that news,” she stated.

“So our teachers have to get in gear, get ready; when you receive the training, you have to put it in practice,” Ms. LeBlanc added.

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