DASSSA and Paddington Arts enters Funding Partnership.

On Thursday 28th February, DASSSA made a donation of £2,100 for the tuition of a full year’s,( 3 term ) funding of the Paddington Arts "Steel Pan" course. Paddington Arts provides an avenue for young people from age 6 to 26 to take part in drama, music and cultural arts. The centre based in Westbourne Park, Harrow Road has been helping young people for over 32 years. 

However, like many public funded centres, it has seen its funding severely cut. Resulting in the termination or suspension of some of its projects such as the steel pan band, which has over the years performed at countless shows including the Notting Hill Carnival. 

"Paddington Arts offers a unique series of ‘stepping stones’ for local young people, many of whom will use the project, its workshops and activities all the way through from 6 years old to 16 plus. Our workshop approach has proved its success in enhancing life skills and developing talent and leadership abilities from the youngest age group upwards"

Approaching our 30th Anniversary, this partnership with Paddington Arts represents DASSSA’s first in the UK. We believe, rather than take away vital funds from schools and students in Dominica, this will encourage more public interest, resulting in greater donations, Associate Membership and event participation. 

It is hoped that students, parents and visitors to Paddington Arts events and projects will become more aware and supportive of DASSSA. 

The signed  Memorandum of Understanding between the two Chairmen, Sylvester Defoe for DASSSA and Allen Hayling for Paddington Arts, provides for cross promotion of events and interests, marketing and advertising opportunities as well as fundraising and networking collaboration.

Both DASSSA and Paddington Arts have entered into this agreement in the belief that it is one of mutual benefit to both our organisations, supporters and most importantly, to the young people in the long term and not just for one year. 

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To help us continue to provide financial support to schools, students and organisations such as Paddington Arts, please support us with a monthly contribution. Join our Associate Membership Scheme today. https://givi.ng/lvrx

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