Today, Saturday 10th August, DASSSA is pleased to announce a donation of £500 to the Dominica Students Association of Cave Hill at the University of the West Indies, Barbados.

The donation, while beyond our remit is to Secondary schooling, is however made in recognition of the work that DOMSAC undertakes in looking after the wellbeing of Dominican undergraduates in Barbados, ensuring and projecting Dominica culture and history throughout the UWI campus and providing a safe, learning environment for our higher education students, is vitally important.

DOMSAC Members

The transferred of $1,173.40 BBD has been earmarked according to newly appointed President of DOMSAC, Ms Emma Jeffers for:

- Purchasing of ingredients to assist in our DOMSAC Food Day during the week of 12th October 2019. This food day serves as a fundraising activity for the club, as well as, an opportunity to showcase the local delicacies of our Nature Isle.

- Purchasing local paraphernalia to showcase Dominican culture during our annual Culture Night. Commodities such as straw hats, baskets, flags, local pepper sauces among others will be purchased.

In making this donation, DASSSA would like to thank DOMSAC for the work that it is undertaking to ensure that the continued upward trajectory to higher education for Dominicans is open, smooth and unburdensome as possible and we wish them and all the Dominican students at UWI the very best of luck.


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